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Table of Contents

  1. Main Page
  2. Recent Connections Page
  3. Settings Page
    1. Users Section
    2. Servers Section
    3. Networks Section
  4. About Page

Main Page

dIRca - Main.jpg
  1. Page Title
  2. Status or Channel Names
  3. Channel topic
  4. Command box

This is your main operations screen

Recent Connections Page

dIRca - Recent Connections.jpg
  1. Page Title
  2. List of recent connections

Connections made since the app was started. Delete button on the App Bar removes the entry down to the last connection made.

Settings Page

dIRca - Settings.jpg
  1. Page Title
  2. Sections



dIRca - Settings User.jpg


dIRca - Settings Servers.jpg


dIRca - Settings Networks.jpg

This is where the configuratin' magic happens. Save persists your settings for later while Defaults on the App Bar returns this screen to when you first ran the app.

About Page

  1. Page Title
  2. Author
  3. Version
  4. Project Url
  5. Twitter Url

Pretty self explanatory about page. The project and Twitter pages use mobile IE and don't work when the cable is plugged into your phone

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