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UI cleaning


Add a small transparent yet visible somehow border above the send box so that the List properly scrolls to the bottom. A lot of times it gets stuck likely because at least the first line's showing but I'd rather be seeing the last line if it wraps.

Truncate the topic at 3 lines? 2? I'm looking at 4 lines on an efnet channel.

Close the gap between the pivot text and the topic. Too big for my liking. Touch locations don't even register down there yet there's a 20 pixel gap? Ugh.

SendBuffer should max at 3-4 lines. Haven't decided. It'd be nice if the last info could somehow scroll into view better. Test putting this above the topic to see how it behaves.

Top bar NickName -> Server handling properly. I'm really close already but it just needs to bubble up to the UI better and in one place.

AboutView: Use assembly fileinfo for the version number. I don't think the manifest is worth it unless I modify the build process. The bootstrapper already uses it so I don't think the perf hit is massive if I do a little check. Alternatively, parsing what is basically XML isn't difficult either.

SettingsView: Split Server and Networks into client views. Change header to be more like Main. Wouldn't I need a datatemplateselector for that?