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Command processing


Application commands
clear [-s(tatus)e(ditbox)] [windowname] - clear buffer
clearall [-s(tatus)c(hannel)q(uery)a(ll)] - clear all buffers
close [-i(nactive dcc)c(hat)g(et)m(query)s(end)t(status)@] [nick1] ... [nickN] - close. Same as part but works with query windows
*echo [color] [-c(olor name)d(single message)e(nclose separators)g(don't log)h(ard wrapped)iN(indent wrapped N)t(imestamp)s(tatus)a(ctive)q(don't display if called from . alias)l(highlight on line)m(user message, not event)r(strip)] [color name] [#channel|[=]nick] <text> - echo message but do not send it over the wire
*exit - quit the application
*font [-b(old)d(efault)z] <fontsize> <fontname> - change font
*strip [+-b(old)u(nderline)rc(olor)] - strip colors etc
*timestamp [-fgs|a|e] [on|off|default] [windowname] - adjust timestamp

Settings commands
*ajinvite [on|off] - autojoin on invite
*autojoin [-n(join now)s(kip)dN(delay N secs)] - autojoin
chanicks <nickname> [, nickname] - change alternate nicks
chemail <address> - change email address
chname <name> - change full name
chnick <nickname> - change main nick
chquit <quit message> - change quit message
*chserver [server] [-p port] [-g group] [-w password] [-d description] - server settings update mode
*chtitlebar <text> - modify application title

IRC commands
amsg <message> - all channel message
ame <message> - all channel action
describe <nick|channel> <message> - me target message. A targeted action
hop [-c(ycle)] [#channel] [message]
join [-i(nvited)] <#channel>
links - lists server map
me <action>
nick <nickname>
partall [message]
*qmsg <message> - all query window message
*query <nick> [message] - open query window to nick with message
*queryrn <nick> <newnick> - change query window name to newnick
raw [-qn] <command> - perform raw mirc command
server [46emnpfoc] <server/groupname>[port][password][-i nick anicks email name][-jn #channel pass]
say <message>
tnick <nickname>

creq [+m|-m] [ask|auto|ignore]
ctcpreply <nick> <ctcp> [message] - CTCP reply
localinfo -u(serhost)h(normal)p(UPnP) [host] [ip] - Modify local IP address information and lookup
pdcc [on|off] - dcc pump
sreq [+m|-m] [ask|auto|ignore]

ban [-k(mirc)r(emove)uN(pause N before removing)] [#channel] <nickname|address> [type]
omsg [#channel] <message> - operator message on current or specific channel
onotice [#channel] <message> - operator message on current or specific channel
op [#channel] <nickname>
pop <delay> [#channel] <nickname>
pvoice <delay> [#channel] <nickname>
voice [#channel] <nickname>

dns [-4(IPv4)6(IPv6)c(lears queued)h(ostname)][nick|address] - dns to ip address resolution
findtext -n <text> - find text in current window
log <on|off> <window> [-f filename] - channel/query logging
perform [on|off] - perform commands
sline [-a|r] <#channel> <N|nick> - select line
speak <text> - speaks text
splay [-cwmpq] <filename> - sound player
timer [N/name] [-cdeomhipr] [time] <repetitions> <interval> <command> - repeat command x times
url [on|off|show|hide|-dranils] [[N|mark]|address] - url catcher
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w0rddriven wrote Apr 3, 2011 at 9:57 AM

This will be the catch all list and not a complete 1:1 from mIRC. I do plan to have all the basic commands working with hopefully a contextmenu/easy way to kick off some of them in channel. I doubt I'd want to implement the popup system.