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Looking forward to it!

Jul 17, 2011 at 10:11 AM

I am going to buy a Nokia Windows phone when it comes out, on the basis that you make this IRC client for the OS, so get working!

Seriously, good luck and hope everything is going well with it.  That deviantart concept picture you are using for inspiration looks great.

Aug 29, 2011 at 9:09 PM

I'll try to reiterate what I post here on the main page.

  1. dirca sucks. This is what happens when you take a PC idea like mIRC and go "Hey, I want that precisely on the phone!" Bad decision.
  2. Mango and IrcDotNet are my reasoning for abandoning the project at least in current iteration. It required a complete rewrite of the core and data to use SQL CE. There wasn't a lot I could reuse mostly because I didn't want to.
  3. I am planning on releasing it as an app w/o code at least initially. It took damn near 8 months to get 260 downloads so using that as a metric means I'd probably make all of $0.02 in ad or for-pay.
    1. If it did terrible or I couldn't support it, I'd go back to codeplex and release it outright. I have a feeling this may be the end result but I want to give it a chance. There may be a lot of people who couldn't sideload before now for whatever reason.
    2. I feel slightly dirty doing it this way and that I basically abandoned the project but there's a lot of personal projects that have never made it to this stage. I'm eternally grateful that even 260 people downloaded a crappy build.
    3. I've been working on this as long as the mango dev bits have been out and I spin my wheels there too. Biggest culprit? SQL CE. At least I don't have to deal with crappy IRC unless I don't upgrade the wp7 port correctly.

If there were more discussions or issues raised by other people I'd be severely tempted to keep this going but the checkins would look like crap. Getting to a point and then dropping all of the code (and I mean all) isn't a good thing to put any VCS through, despite Hg being really good with renames.

I'm almost done with the mango port and it behaves a lot better. By the time you have your phone I'm confident something will exist in the marketplace.

Also to note: MetroIRC is a nice concept for WPF but it doesn't totally fit on the phone either. I decided to pretty much steal the look and feel from the mango "threads" in the messaging hub. There's a parent window that shows the list of threads and the latest message. When you open a thread the familiar SMS view shows and you can type a response. That's about as complex as I want it with possibly 2-3 extra UI screens purely for config/status purposes. The result is this app feels a lot quicker. Now I just need to put the finishing touches on so other people can play.

Thanks for the discussion and sorry it took so long for a response. This isn't a 100% but I'll do my best to guarantee an IRC app that should at least follow what I intended with this project hopefully well before you have your phone (weeks from now). I may never get to a version 3 but I'll make sure there's at least a 1.0 for people to use and I'll try to make it suck the least amount possible.